Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Carla's short stay in the Pasto infant hospital

Well I was suppose to go climbing this 4 day weekend, but 15 minutes before I was to leave school I recieved an email from my sister in law saying that Carla was in the hospital and to phone Pasto. Maria and kids had gone a week ago and were to come back at the end of the long weekend. Carla got some form of E coli...not the serious type we associate with undercooked burgers. Vomit and diahrea and dehydration put her in hosp for 2 nights. At the same time, Ramon got some intenstinal fungus...blastysosis or something like that...really stinking poo...and woofin' his cookies too. So Maria really had her hands full. I unpacked my climbing gear and made it to Pasto in 8 hours at 8pm on Friday. Dashed across the border without getting a stamp in my passport...no one seemed to care. Came back Sunday as we felt it would be better to deal with these issues with their pediatrician here in Ecuador. I'm not impressed as these things are entirely preventable....we need to be much more careful with food and water...with no winter kill...these virus/bacteria grow all year.

On a rosier note...things are really blooming around here as we finally got some long overdue rain. Broccoli, lettuce, swiss chard, cilantro, pototoes, have all sprouted, along with about 20 orchids and and a bunch of long trumpet like flowers which are in some of the above photos. We also have about 4 of 11 banana plants ready to harvest and the avacados keep growing like crazy. Yeah...we're a bit tired of guacamole!

We have decided to stay here for Christmas. Too much hassle travelling with kids and we've spent enuf time in Pasto lately. So we are hoping that Maria's family can make it out here as it's close to Pasto and we have lots of room with the guest house out back. If anything we may head to the coast...about 5 hours away or the Amazon with is closer...only 3 hours.

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