Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bits and bobs and bonfire night

Last Wednesday, Maria said to me, “I just remembered that it was our anniversary yesterday.” least we BOTH forgot, so one can’t blame the other. I guess that’s to be expected, 13 years and 2 kids later!

Lately we’ve really felt that we are living out in the country, as we had no power or water on Friday morning. Due to El Nino, the main hydroelectric reservoir is too low to produce the required electric power to meet the country’s needs. Therefore, without any warning, the gov’t decided to implement rotating blackouts....4 hours per day, with varying hours.

Dollarization: Feels very strange to be spending USD everywhere....this is a soveriegn nation afterall! The pres just kicked the yanks out of the airbase they had on the coast, stating that he would be happy to renew the lease, if Ecuador could open a military base in the states. Sounds logical to why keep the USD?

Celebrated bonfire night at the school yesterday evening. Kinda like a halloween that the pres has banned in this country. Kids had some great costumes. I used the same outfit...neo-punk/vegas poolside look....I wore for Gord's new years eve run in 1996. I won the prize for best costume then and won again last night! Dinner for two at the JW Marriot up in Quito. That should help to make up for the missed anniversary!!

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