Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quito half marathon and other bits

Mom just keeps on running....not bad considering she didn't train much, due to kids being sick recently.

These peaches keep growing, as the tree seems to flower continuously. Strange how they grow so close together.
Peach tree monkey.

Parts of the roof in this mall retract.

Nene Mon's little Christmas house...."But it's not cold" he says!

Carla reading upside down...talented kid!
Michelle making an Egyptian mummy in class.

Great run today....2:23 for the 3 of us. 400m DH drop sure helped, b/c I sure suffered on the hills! Carla slept from 3-10km, while Ramon "read" a book. No crying till 19.5km...nothing a strawberry couldn't cure! Mom ran 1:29ish and came in 2nd in her age group...not sure of her overall placing yet. However it was Carla, not mom, who ended up recieving the medal on the podium!

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