Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tia Karen is here :)

Aunty Karen has arrived and the kids love her! So far she has been to a lot of parks, eaten a lot of corn and got sunburned! She did a little shopping at the thrift store for us and brought a huge suitcase full of goodies. Won't have to buy clothes for Ramon and Carla for a few years! She is staying for a month....we hope she stays longer!

Carla looks like a bit of a red-head here.


Cucunuba....old colonial town.

Trying to keep up to mom and Tia Karen.

Wowee, what a view!

Train ride to the underground salt cathedral.

Choo wooooo.....Ramon's 1st train ride.

Mom showing off Carla to the class.

Isn't he a lucky boy :)

Which one of us gets to kiss Ramon?

I love my tia!

My first ride in the baby jogger. Would be nice if my brother washed it after he finished using it!

Peek a boo.....

Here I am!

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