Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big butts and McDonalds

Any visit to the Botero Museum should dissuade anyone from eating at McDonalds. I just got the movie "Supersize Me"....that should keep us away. Wonder where Botero's inspiration came from in this day and age of fatties :) ....couldn't have been Colombia, as most people here keep it under control. Many people have remarked that when they transit the states, the 1st impression in the airport is the number of get the idea. Vegas is another great place to play "spot the fatties"...... Gorging ourselves at an all you can eat buffet after a cycle tour through Mexcio, we figured 8 our of 10 people were obese. this is not a politically correct blogspot....but we do have a child obesity epidemic in Canada! small problem........Food for thought?

Gotta curse those kiddie play areas in McDonalds....They sure know how to get 'em young! (Note the Cinnabon, next to Mcdonny's)

Not far off from what we do to cattle in Alberta feed lots.

Even Mona!

The presidential troops....only fit soldiers need apply.

Stuffed ....after a feast at Wok....low fat SE asian fare.

Me and my Tia Betty......I'm gettin' real fat on my mommy's milk.

Fun day at Club Aleman (German Club) on Saturday

Exercise is the only thing that keeps dad from "ballooning" the deadliest of the 7 sins for me is gluttony. Just can't get enuf Cinnabons, cakes, cookies and banana shakes after dinner....or instead of dinner! (2nd must be pride....after all, what is the real purpose of a family blog?)

Pretty soon I'll be wearing my mom's hand-me-down runners.

How does my little sis, keep herself looking so young? Being a vegetarian may have something to do with :)

Scooting around buy Kraft dinner for dad :) Well it is available with whole wheat flour if I could just get the margarine that you have to add...fat free.

Try this at Buckingham palace! This is the president's house....of Locombia that is..

Some 500 year old church

My antie Karen sure tires me out!

I have so many books at current favorite is Builder Bob.

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