Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carlita :)

Carlita, Carlita, Carlita is what Ramon says over and over. Carla is huge now....5.5kg as of last week. She's smiling alot now too. Maria is able to take the both of them in the double Chariot/jogger to play in the park.

Tia Karen is coming today, to stay with us for a month. Boy are we excited!
As I wrtie this, she is in Toronto in a snowstorm and ready to leave in 3 hours. She just missed a big storm in Halifax. These just happen to be the only 2 storm cells in the whole country on the CBC weather radar picture!

Oh....and happy late groundhog day everyone....six more weeks of winter (as Karen is experiencing today)....glad there are no groundhogs in Colombia.

Dad's trying to get in the picture too!

Spinach soup moustache

The big boy gets his own umbrella now!

Gettin' a bit big for the tub.

He also calls her Osita....meaning little bear :)

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