Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cloud Forest Walk

This weekend we drove to the edge of the cliff...the end of the Bogota plain and walked 500 vertical metres down through a cloud forest. Stayed in a grand, wooden lodge and hiked back up the next day. Super lush, thick, green vegetation, with excellent trails and an average temperature of 14.5 celcius. Here is the website for the place. http://chicaque.com/index.phtml

Lulu......a very acidic fruit, form which they make juice.

Our tropical sweetie

Mom and Carla in action.

Our posh digs for the night...we were the only ones there!

Me and my Tia.

This is the life!

Tropical downpour....we got caught in it for 15 minutes. Trails turned to rivers...instantly! and it all ended with some hail.

Saved by umbrellas.

Stretching! what did you think they were doing? pushing the rock?

The hidden lodge.

Backpacking, jungle trekking mom!

In the hills above Bogota.

Chatting with Emily on Skype.

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