Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another "new" vehicle

98 Toyota Sienna, V6 3.0 L Automatic (aren't they all?)  206,000km for $3,000.  New timing belt, tires, brakes and the rest is all good except it needs a windshield.  Might be the first vehicle I've had with no rust!

Cruise control and AC.....items the Eurovan and Tercel don't have.

Lots of room....enuf for Carla to change after playing at the splash park.  All 4 back seats come out easily.

The Eurovan with its diesel is; hard to start in the winter; doesn't give any heat until I get to work; only has summer tires.  So it will get parked in the back come mid October.....and then I'll drive this....when I can't ride my bike.  And the best part?  Remote starter!

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