Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Calgary Marathon 2nd place!

Maria's first marathon in 13 years.....at age 43 and a personal best time of 2:52somthing. The Kenyan beat her (brought in to beat the course record)....Maria was 2nd ....and good for a trip to Colombia for the family having won $5,000!  She won the Calgary marathon in 2000 in a time of 3:01 ish  then ran San Jose and Ottawa in 2001 and that was it!  She was frustrated that she kept hitting the wall and not running the time she hoped for.  She still had gas in the tank at the end of this one!  I think it's one of her greatest achievements and as her commitment and dedication were intense.  These photos were taken about 10 minutes after finishing at she had to sit down and rest.  Never did get better photos.

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