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Summer part 2....July/Aug 2014

This photo sums up our summer rather nicely.  Ramon going for the big splash in Osoyoos Lake.  31 degrees at 9pm.  Lived in the Westfalia Eurovan and didn't pay to stay in any campsites during this trip, although it sure was nice to get out of the van and into a few family cabins along the way!  Spent about $750 to spew diesel into the atmosphere in order to propel us around BC, as well as 3.5 litres of synthetic oil.   First shots follow a water theme.

Rotary Beach park in Kelowna.

Near Lilloet

Pachena Bay, Bamfield.  Go Carla Go!

On the east coast of the island......

......and the west coast, with fog and waves.

Brady Beach, Bamfield

Grappler inlet, Bamfield.  Seems everyone is kayaking these days.  I'd taken a course in a pool one day.....over 20 years ago!

Ramon is a fear/balance issues

With Carla

Out of the inlet to the great wide open....

The goose is flying!  Thanks for holding onto her Heather!  Near Maple Bay

Nanaimo water tickets from the police because the kids were wearing their helmets, even though we were cycling in a no cycling area!

The one and Georgia! having a splash with Carla.

Ferry coming into Horseshoe Bay.


Could it be true?  In the ten years we were out of Canada, it seems Canadians have acquired a bit the bravado, normally seen south of the border.

The following are all sunrise shots.  The early bird gets the worm.  Somewhere near Nanoose.

Looking over to the mainland from near Comox where the ferry to Powell River docks.  We camped right here.

Forbidden Plateau glacier in the background.  Comox marina.

Bamfield, looking towards the Broken island group.  Morning fog.

Howe sound from Furry Creek.

Now for the creature theme.  Ramon's first fish ever....a shiner/perch.  All of the following were caught on a barbed hook (which we later found out are now illegal) and released.

Carla's first every.  She has good look catching minnows with her net though.

....and mama


Carla my little star.

Waiting for a worm.

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A jelly the size of a quarter in the Bamfield Marine Sciences building.

Thousands of froglets in Whistler, at lost lake.

And the scariest creature of them all....the Ogopogo.

Now for the food theme.  Carla and the giant peach.

Magic mushrooms along the Bamfield boardwalk.

U-pick strawberries....all you can the basket and your tummy.

Blackberry heaven.  They are everywhere!

....and as sweet as my goose. Emily, Love Carla

How can any vegan resist salmon baked on a cedar plank?

Out of the 5 options, note what Carla picks.  The unhealthy stuff just tastes darn good!

Maria won a 4 mile race in Comox.  The 45th running of the Nautical mile....longest running road race in BC.

Family and friend theme.  Desert time at D and D's...more ice cream!

Cousin Ricky is a big boy now :)

Tia Deb....excited to go and see baby Georgia. to Victoria to babysit for 4 days.

Carla and Grandma Lori

See you next time Grandma Lori

Chef Julie....thanx for all the delicious treats!

Erin with the star of the show.  Thanx for the hospitality....tasty smoked salmon and the use of your cabin in Bamfield!  (As you can see, a large number of these photos were taken in Bamfield)

Bryan Emslie who we hadn't seen for many moons.....Maria's running coach when she first arrived in Canada.  Now lives in Maple Bay with his wife Heather...sorry photo of you!

Pius and Margret from Switzerland.  On yet another cycling journey: El Paso Texas, up the great divide trail to Banff.  Then on the road to Jasper and over to Vancouver where we joined them at their campsite under the north end of the Lions Gate bridge.  We hosted them for a week in Ecuador about 4 years ago.  Hope to visit them in Switzerland one day.  They will now ride down the coast with a few side trips to the Cascades....down the Baja, bus back up to Vegas and fly home.  BTW....they are in their late 60's.

The Tober-Zambrano Family.  Is Ramon really up to Maria's shoulders?  Slow down kids....we want to enjoy you while your little.  Must be all that tasty vegan fare.


Small totem pole near Pachena bay

Othello tunnels, Kettle Valley railbed near Hope.  Reminiscent of the Chaquinan in Quito.

New York or Vancouver?

Now for the bike theme.  Ouch.....that saddle a bit THIN Ramon?

Ramon in action

I'd been going for a ride every morning before the kids woke up, but riding with Bryan was like speed/track workout....he worked me as hard as he used to work Maria!  My lungs were feeling it the rest of the day.

Just like Papa and Carla

Now for the palm tree theme and the exuberant vegetation.  I don't recall there being palm trees 20-30 years ago!  Lots on the island and around Vancouver, esp English Bay.

In front of the Empress Hotel in Victoria

Even bananas! least the plant.

Carla the Canadian

800 year old Douglas Fir tree

Along the Bamfield boardwalk

Beacon hill park Victoria

Reading in the Bamfield library.

Cycling and read

Reading to baby Georgia

What a homey little cabin.....

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Cabin with a view....and a hot tub

Steamy veggie soup

.....Mary's cabin in the Pasayton Valley on the east side of Manning Park.  We would love to have spent more time there....but time was running out at the end of the holiday.

Bryan and Heather's "cabin" above Maple Bay.  On a clear day, one can see the lions ears in Vancouver.

A glass bead fire on the deck at Bryan and Heather's

Carla's kite at Pachena Bay....which ended up in a tree top.

The Port Alberni bear

Hairy goose

Green lake Whistler

The goose finds her trail!  We rode it to Sooke potholes.

Hanging out in the rain, waiting for the ferry in Swartz Bay.  Only had 2 half rain days the whole month.

.....all I want for Christmas is.......

Pachena Bay

Rathtrevor beach, Parksville

Mowing the lawn at Don's.  Thanx for training him Don....he got home and mowed ours.

Summit of Mt. Benson....1000m above Nanaimo.  Your turn Rick.

Ramon keeps challenging mama.....on the ferry to Twassen....however it is spelt!

Found in the Bamfield school

We humans do tend to think we are the centre of.....

Music for old goats such as myself.

 A couple of tourists in Victoria

Lions gate bridge in the wee front of the Capilino River


The best campsites are free :)    Near Miracle beach.

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