Monday, June 10, 2013

Cununyacu 4

A photo display of Ecuador's main volcanoes.  Climbed all but about 5 or so, so it must be time to go home!

Mr. Handsome with Pichincha in the background.

Yup....the boy can swim....sort of.

Just a few bums hanging around, Carla, Ramon and Emily

The new Bugs Bunny?

Team poncho!

Pablo/Compadre....road side repairs in the wee hours of our attempt to ride 600km in one shot to the Peruvian border.  I couldn't hack it an more, mentally, after 330km.....from 4am to 11pm.  At that point we determined with our current pace that we'd have to ride into a second night....and with only 4 hours sleep the night before.......   ah ya...excuses, excuses Steve

Interesting to note that a lot of old bridges built in the 40's and 50's were done by the Americans.  Well....things have changed in this century.  Tons of new road works in Ecuador.

Maria and Emily after the Ultimas noticias 10k.  Emily was 16th in her age group and Maria 1st in hers.

Primos....David and Elcy

Ramon can't be that cold that we need to have a fire!  Burning old file papers to lighten the load back to Canada.

Carla showing off her gold medal from BSQ sports a new church next door to the school.

....and you thought Maria was vertically challenged?

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