Monday, June 10, 2013

Coturco hike

Near the top of a hill, Coturco, opposite Quito and Pichincha.  The kids managed a 6 hour hike up 500m vertical metres or so.  I so proud of them!  It's amazing what a 4.5 year old can do, and still have energy to play at home after!
How did a lizard end up in a birds nest?  Maybe that's why he's not breathing anymore.  Carla loves playing with dead animals....she took him home and asked me what the little white things were that were coming out of his body.....maggots.

This is Ilalo in the forground....we live at the bottom right of this extinct volcano.  Volcan Atacazo in the background.

Ramon, sliding on his bum for the steep sections.

.....and cooling our heels afterwards.

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