Monday, February 25, 2013

Quito to Guayaquil - 400kms by bike in 24 hours

Endorphin adventures just has to best itself.....if nothing other than to prove the old man still has some gas in the tank.  Previous record was 323km.  For this we rode thru the night under a near full moon, with no need for the headlamps.  However, the rear flashing lights were invaluable.  Biggest dangers?  Hidden potholes and oncoming, passing traffic.  Left Quito at 5pm Friday....hit Guayaquil (Ecuador's largest city) at 5pm Saturday.  18 hours in the saddle and the other six???  where did the time go?  eat, pee, repeat.  Thanks Compadre!  Do it again next weekend?
Ecuadorian/Canadian risk Assessment
1/2 hour from the start and we get hit with a huge downpour....go the rain gear on just in time!
The latest in not so waterproof foot wear; socks in plastic bags.....did the job!  (Trying to keep it light, so no point in carrying a pair of shoes)
All lit up like an xmas tree (See the video to see how bring the rear light is) serious at a young 44 years of age.  Out of the rain in a bus shelter at 3am or so.
Posing for the locals.
Full on meals keep Pablo truckin'
Soy milk to keep the old man tickin' kind of store!
From 9 am to 5pm we had full on sun in the lowlands.  Earlier during the night we had about 4-5 hours of rain....which was much easier to handle!
Crossing the 2 huge bridges into Guayaquil
Rio full flood.
End of road!  Welcome to Guayaquil! (says the top of the Seiko sign)  ...and a bike lane even!
Half crazy or full on crazy?  Looking surprisingly fresh here....good for another 400km?  not.   Compadre headed right back to Quito on a night bus.  I had a glorious 10 hour snooze and headed back at 7am...more snoozing on the bus....home by 4pm.
....and upon arrival....Ramon had drawn a picture for me.....from Quito (mountains) to Guayaquil (city)....thanks bud!

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Elisa Waingort said...

Wow! That is amazing! When you said you had gone to Guayaquil, I thought you meant on four wheels! That is quite an accomplishment. Did you get a chance to see a bit of the city? It must have been an amazing ride. Still, through the night? Awesome!