Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adios Tio Pato y Tia Deb (la reina)

Happy 59 Tia!  On facebook you said you were treated like royalty....does that me we have to call you reina Deb now?
a many more exciting adventures during a longggggg retirement.  Guayabana juice!  That should keep 'em regular :)
Don impresses everyone with his Ipad.....amazing little tool that!
Removing the seeds from the Guayabana
Our friendly neighborhood fruit/veg truck
Daddy's little helper....handing out stickers to my students on Friday afternoon.
Goose in a summer dress....
Who needs to go to uni when you can busk for a living?
Now we all know which side of the family gave Emily her good looks.....
Adios!.....Emily, Maria and the kids left for Colombia Sunday morning.....I'm about to go to a movie with the tios...dinner....and then send them on their way to Victoria.  It's been great having you here!!!!!!  See you in July.

text-align: center;">couple more pics to add here.....Sunday Crepes and Waffles.....a Colombia restraunt the new Scala mall

We having dinner or breakfast Don?
Carla and Emily in Pasto

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