Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ladies only 5km

5km women's race today in Quito. Maria was 3rd overall and won a 1,000usd (even though the cheque says 300usd). Emily ran with the flu. Carla ran about 3.5 km of it and Ramon ran about 4.5 km....Dad played backup with the Baby Jogger. I told the cousins that I'd pay their entries if they wanted to participate and what a turn out of lovely ladies :)
Maria is being questioned by Jefferson Perez....Ecuador's only Olympic medalist....for race walking. He organized this race. He was impressed that someone as young as Carla ran it....well ....most of it!
at about 3.5 km....
Carla giving Emily a run for her money!
Good thing she likes pink.  Huarmi means woman in Quichua
Says 300usd, but she gets 1000usd.  Her largest prize money ever....at age 42.  Little old Ecuador sure pays well!  It's nice to see the athletes get a decent paycheck for their endless hours of dedication.
What a goose!  Time to sell the chariot and baby jogger!

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Melanie and crew xo said...

Way to go ladies! Still as speedy as ever Maria xox