Saturday, January 26, 2013

more pics of super niece Emily!

The kids just won't leave her alone!
These two are running fools.....non stop running talk.....and they live for their morning run Tia Maria is really enjoying having someone to run with, who is as passionate about the sport as she is.  I'm just too damn slow to run with Maria.
A fairly strict vegan she shortage of fresh produce to keep her happy.
One of her biggest weaknesses however, are pancakes.....drenched in Aunt Jemima syrup.
Making cookies....Uncle Steve is the recipe (which varies according to what is in the house) from a friend's blog  nutricious energy boost. Recipe below…
 ’Endorphin Adventures Vegan Powerbars’
peanut butter
ground flax
chopped brazil nuts and walnuts
chia seeds (indigenous to South America…like poppy seeds)
sesame seeds
oat/soy flour
agave syrup
chopped raisins
Mix ingredients, adding water until consistency is that of thick cookies dough. Bake in cake pan for 45 mins or so. Cut into squares and freeze until jet power needed!
....and the wonderful vegan options at the school....she's a regular at the school lunch now!
.....a salad in Quito
Dinner with the Tober-Zambranos
We have sooooo many avacados here....that we OD on the girls thought of another use for them last night.....oiling their hair.....what a mess.....
carrots in the ears..... from the garden in January
more good local eyed peas, fried sweet plantain, cuke salad, rice and of course....more avacado! full flight....El cinto 3200m......400m above Quito....flat....along a canal...nice a grassy too.  Maria was 5h overall....Emily was 5th in her age group.
From a previous race before M got here
the headless running crew
Views of Quito from the El Cinto 10k race. Cayambe in the distance and El Panacillo below to the right with the virgin flapping her wings
double rainbow!
Emily and Don....Parque Quito....looking down 500m to where we live.
hmmmm......time for screen time limits!
Maria's wheelbarrow fire pit
Siesta time while the kids fly kites.....I mean attempt to fly kites....
Super siesta time for Don
Cute little cacti
The Davenports keeping in touch.....
....and mom and dad ensuring their little birdie doesn't fly too far from the nest too soon!
....and a little blast from the past :)   who would've thought that that little squirt would be giving Maria a run for her money one day!
Could Emily's passion for distance running have begun here?  Canadian National Cross Country Championships in Moncton NB  year 2000 something.....

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