Friday, June 22, 2012

Races...road and XC....during the last year

Photos of printed photos, by a pro photographer who comes to most races. Maria has been very busy with her passion. She usually wins the master's (over 40) catagory and wins the odd small race. Ecuador races pay well, better than Canada even! Nothing like getting paid to do what you love! As I post this....she is running a track race in Cali, Colombia. All in the family....both Carla, in her pjs!, and Ramon, both got out and ran about 1km each. Sparks, ticker tape trophy and cash.... The guy she's with is Rolando Vera....who was Ecuador's top runner years ago...won the LA marathon and other big races. Hand over heart for the Ecuadorian national Anthem....Is she humming the Canadian or Colombian national anthem?

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