Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cununyacu 4

Lastest photos of family life, here in Ecuador. (Blogspot has revamped their site....can't seem to get the words below the pics in one piece...anyone else having probs with this?) Carla and Ramon got out and ran 1km each in this 10km race! They'll be pushing papa pretty darn soon! Off to school! Learning to rollerblade English graffiti........... Experimenting with different riding set-ups. Ramon's a bit big for this seat! This works much better. She's still a bit too short for the tag a long. Lunch with Sisa! the yard. Carla in the front landlord needs to cut the grass more often. Trampoline time at a friend's house. Cousins....Ramon, Tio Pato, Dario More cousins....Tia Elcy, Elcita, Carla, Sarah, Ramon Cass on the summit of Illalo. This world cyclist has the best blog I know of: His photograhpy and writing are the best! Follow him as he heads south to Bolivia and then back to the states for the birth of his first child...a boy! It was a real pleasure to have finally met him, having followed his travels on and off since 2006. His trusty steed....a Surly Troll with 29 inch tires. Note how he he distributes the weight/gear on the frame. This is allows him to store the non essentials somewhere and hit single track for multiple day tours, as he loves to do. View out the kitchen window.

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kal said...

Hi there Steve - Kerry Lowes here - I will be joining you soon at the British School and am enjoying your blog - picking up a few tips. Want to ask a question is it worth going to the expense of bringing bikes with us (myself and my daughter) or can we pick them up at a reasonable price in Quito? I'd be grateful for adivce. Thanks.