Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bellavista Lodge

Bellavista Lodge is a wonderful place to go hiking in Ecuador's cloud forest...just a few hours from Quito. These photos are from a visit, to check the place out before taking my year 3 class for an overnight stay. Land of clouds and hummingbirds! You can even touch them! Blue Winged Mountain Tanager. Real funky 5 sided, 5 level dome. Restaraunt and accomodation. To the kids it's like a giant treehouse. Especially with the vertical climb in middle. Excellent guides....David was so entertaining and knowledgeable that Carla didn't want to walk with dad anymore! Ramon doing the Tarzan thing. The trail is actually the creek!! We will definately go back to do this trail as Maria didn't wear her rubber boots and we couldn't go further. (Blogspot has revamped their site....can't seem to get the pics with words sorted properly)

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Clifford Schmok said...

Those Bellavista Lodge pics brings back some memories.