Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swim, bike, hike with the kiddies

The latest family photo...unplanned....after a passport photo shoot.

Carla's PP photo

Carla poolside at the school.

Tia Cris came from Pasto to help with the kids, while mom went to Slovenia. She arrived on her 34th birthday!

Hiking with tia Cris
Cycling on the old rail bed. The windows in the background are for the tunnel ventilation. We had to go way...down....then up thru the tunnel.

Great fun on the co-pilot bike....piggy loves it too!

Reading to Ramon in Nursery. He goes for a 1/2 day in the morning. Next year he will be in FT kindergarten.

School pool. Note the white spot in the background. That is Cayambe at nearly 5800m....hope to climmb it Friday night. Only place on earth that is 0 latitude and 0 degrees.

Swimming lessons for Ramon at school.

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