Monday, August 16, 2010

Maria is off to the World Mountain Running Championships in Slovenia!

Maria and I would like to send a HUGE thank you to those of you who provided sponsorship support. There were so many offers of funding that we had to actually turn down a number of people! Maria sure has a lot of fans! She has been training hard in Pasto recently, up and down the sides of Volcan Galeras. We are now back in Quito and she will leave Sept 1 for Kamnick, Slovenia. Here is the link to the race. If you are interested, there is a short youtube video on the right hand side of the page, showing the actual course with an English commentary.

Before the qualifier race at the Canmore nordic centre.

Passing the 3rd place American. Maria was 3rd overall and first Canadian.

Post race family shot with Jim Huchison. We both got medals just for showing up I guess and finishing next to last.

Great to see our former roomies in Canmore; Nev, Michelle and the new addition to the family, Jessica. Yes it's been that long since we've been back, as she is a big girl now!

Maria in her Australian sponsorship outfit, provided by the store Alan/Studley works for, 2XU or Two times you.

Training in Pasto.

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