Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Endorphin Adventures rides again

Yup...Studley and Squirrel reunited for yet another Endorphin Adventure bike tour, 10 years later! What a couple of old geezers.

The dynamic duo

Petroglyph Endorphin Adventures

An endorphin adventure would not be complete without the requisite death shot

Should be sopa the only thing in Playa Rica was a small restaurant serving great brothy soup

Studley doing his Frailejon immitation. Between El Angel and Tulcan Ecuador

Studley takes on Colombia

La Cocha....above Pasto

You just know what's gonna happen to this poor guinea pig.

Modesto came to escort us in to Sibundoy.

Another succesful clean snap for Studley.

The Pasto-Mocoa road. Ride it now before they open the soon to be built, tamer route.

Final drop down to Mocoa in the Amazon

Made in Canada...betcha didn't know we were in the arms biz...or did ya?

Bikes being pampered on the bus from Pilalito to Popayan. 140km of wet, bumpy gravel.


C'mon Studley...back in the saddle...we've got another 38km to Remolino.

....the skinny little streak of duck shit sprung back into form the next day

The panamericana back up to Pasto

900kms or therebouts. Quito-Otavalo-El Angel-near El Pedregal (Colombia)-Pasto-Sibundoy-Mocoa-Pitalito-bus to Popayan-Remolino-Pasto. Our 15 year old Giant Iguanas are still going strong! And the old geezers didn't fare too badly either.


Matt and Sylwia said...

Hi Steve

Can you help out, we'll soon by cycling north out of Quito and want to take the El Angel route to Mocoa in Colombia, can you help out with directions etc, seen you helped out Cass, any help would be great.


Matt and Sylwia

Matt and Sylwia said...

Opps, email is