Monday, January 11, 2010

Losing things

A blog entry sans fotos? Yes indeed.

In the past few years, Maria and I have lost a number of items. For awile, I chalked it up to old age, but lately I think it has more to do with the fact that life is more complicated with kids. So I'm blaming it on Carla and Ramon. For example...packing up to go for a hike was a simple affair....grab a quick bite to eat and chuck a few items in the pack, with a quick check of the hiking check list on the fridge.'s trying to do that while feeding, toileting two kids while keeping them ammused. In other words...running around in circles, chasing our tails and eventually around 8am, as opposed to 6am, we make it out the door.

What have we lost? ....a nice big umbrella on the bus yesterday....Ramon's sunglasses on a ridgetop last week....a camera in a taxi....Maria's wallet in a taxi...$25 bucks worth of groceries I left on the front seat of a taxi.

And so it goes....Now where did that damn dog dazer get to?

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