Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thrills, fun and excitement in Pasto pues

Awww....not again! The girls must think Im really cute!

21 of us climbed up to the cross on the hill above the house.....3rd time for Ramon on this holiday. It was a bit of an effort trying to get everyone out of bed and motivated, but well worth it in the end.

A different route back down.

Tia Adriana who lives in Quito.

Maria, Carla and Hector in front.

Wilson and Wilo jr.

Tia Elcy came all the way from Quito to see me!

Ramon spots all these little things.....not sure who the critter in the hole is.

Now wash your feet and trim your nails or else......

Some well aged character in the country.....yes those are his feet.

Hanging with my cousins....

1st bath together....Carla doesnt seem too thrilled about it.

Hanging the toothbrushes outside the house to dry.....somewhere out in the countryside.

The races! Little Ramon beat big Ramon!

Hanging out with my prima Nicky Duck.

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