Sunday, January 4, 2009

Semi wild flowers near Volcan Dona Juana

Any idea what kind of flower this is? Have a look and take a guess. You will find the answer below.

Opium poppies....Amapola in Spanish. Pretty arent they? And you thought Colombia was all about Cocaine and Guerilla groups! Apparantly there used to be alot more in this region when the FARC was active, which was partly how they funded themselves. Keeping police and military away and taking share of the profits. Nowadays, there are just a few small fields, especially after the US sprayed this area and one of the planes crashed into the mountain in the background. The resin in collected and dried and sold to some middle man...who sells it to ??? make heroin. Ive never even seen the end product, as nasty as its reputed to be. Apparently there is some legal use for the plant....morphine, codeine, veg oil from the seeds....and of course, one of grandpas favorite foods....poppy seed bread!

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