Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. Tober's class photos over the years

Thought it would be nice to post a yearly class photo of all the kids I have had the privilege to work with. So, here they are!

2012 British School Quito Year 3

2011 British School Quito Year 3

2010 British School Quito Year 3

2009 British School Quito Year 3

Colegio Gran Bretana, Bogota Year 3 2008-09

CGB Bogota Year 3 2007-08

British School Benghazi Libya Year 2 2006-07

BSB Benghazi Libya Year 2 2005-06

BSB Benghazi Libya Year 2 2004-05


Margarita Santos said...

Hey Mr Tober!! Do you remember us?? I'm Alegria's mom. Love you picked the CGB photo with my little Alegria (back then!!) now she's almost 12 and so tall!!
We're back in Quito, so if you are still around, let us know..
My email:

Anonymous said...

Mr.Toberrr!!! It's Aisha Gheriani, you taught me grade 2 at the BSB in like 2007. I don't think you remember me but I came across your blog a couple of years ago and I thought it would be nice if I finally contacted you! Send me an email at: :)

lol said...

hello mr tober its emilio

Anonymous said...

hi mr tober its emilio

Miranda Bernal said...

Hi Mr Tober!
It's Miranda Bernal from BSQ (you taught me in year 3).
How are you?
I'm in secondary now (year 7) and I'm living in England. I miss Ecuador; I haven't been back since I left.
I enjoy looking at all your adventures !
From Miranda :)

Sahara M. said...

Hey Mr. Tober :)

I stumbled upon your blog and thoght id say hi, I was in your class in CGB 2007, grade 3
Im second in th bottom left! I hope your having fun on you're adventures and wanted thank you for being such a great teacher, I know my class will always remeber you even though we were young :) Im a senior in Switzerland now and on my last leg on highschool!

I hope everything is working out well for you wherever you are :)