Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring into summer 2016

Mom in her bigger unit, complete with a balcony.

Riding in the rain

In Naramata looking back to Penticton

Did a little ride from Penticton to Kelowna on the Kettle Valley Railway

Just like the chaquinan in Quito

Looking back towards Pentiction


The fire about 10 years ago? burned 80% of the trestles.

Myra Canyon

Orchard golf course above Kelowna

Salmon Valley/Deep Creek loop from Salmon Arm

Stopped for a snack and the cows came over, hoping for a bite.

Pool party time

Calgary bridges....this one is Stoney Trail over the Bow

One can never have too many photos of of the venerable Mt. Louis

Camping in Banff

Mud pie anyone?

Vermillion lakes

hammock becomes a swing........

Early bird gets the worm........

Yet another record broken....sure beats -30

Lovely par de Pastusas.....Maria taking Nancy for a ride

1 comment:

Al Vanders said...

Back to the bicycle eh. How's the bum leg?
Nice pics and it's not even summer yet.