Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring 2016 Cowtown

Stunt Dummy they call him.  Got the idea from library book.  Looks rather life like don't you think?

Overlooking the still frozen Glenmore Resevoir in March

Cheap tix from the CBE for the Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse game at the Saddledome.

Last days of the season at Nakiska

Warm and slushy.....

New skateboard/BMX/scooter park a couple of blocks away from home.

The little man seems to love soccer more than any other activity.....next to reading that is.

Such concentration

25 years after 'Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies' was published, Al Kane just came out with a 3rd and final? edition.  Went to catch up with Al at the book 'unveiling' at Indigo books.  Amazing the number of people who wanted to meet him, to let him know what a positive impact the book has had on their lives.  Myself included!

So apparently I'm now a 'veteran'  My kids use more blunt term to describe me.

Hanging under the stately cottonwood trees at Pearce Estates by the Bow

Not sure how much longer they'll eat those veggie dogs.....

Dad's little goose :)

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Alexandra Astua said...

Excelente. Hermosos paisajes.
Saludos a Maria y los niños.