Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life rolls on........fall into winterGo

Go goosy go!

19 anos :)

North peak of Mt. Edith

South Peak of Mt. Edith

Nayem coming out of the tunnel on the S Peak

South Peak of Mt. Edith

1st page of the summit register from 2004 on the Middle Peak of Mt. Edith.  I would have placed/replaced the register back in the mid 90's.

Cory, Miguel and Nayem

Carla on Nose Hill

That's my Goose!

Cory and Nayem coming down from the South Peak

Nayem, Daniel, Miguel, the old man and Cory on the South Peak.

Cochrane skateboard park.  That's my little man Booboo!

Lake O'hara area

Spaghetti Squash....baked in the .......

wood fired heater

Abbot pass hut

On our way up to Abbot pass hut from lake Oesa

The Goose with her pumpkin

Highest outhouse in Canada (need Studley here to inject some humour)

older and faster

Calgary from the summit of Moose Mtn.

Mama bear and baby lookin' for a winter den near the summit of Moose Mtn.

The Goose turns 7

Ramon can't wait for ski season...

Season's pass for Nakiska

Ramon's grade 3/4 class on a trip to Yamnuska.  They hiked up the trail for about a 1/2 km.  Ramon had been to the top 2 years ago!  See this post

Another half marathon win

Another race, another trophy.....

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