Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Photos - August 2015

Sunrise from the Summit of Mt. Temple.  Started at midnight under a full moon.  On the summit around 5am

Vern on Temple's Crux

Vern sending a summit shot to his daughter

Pierre conked out on the summit

La Luna llena

Cory and Pierre in seemingly ackward bivy positions

Shadow of Mt. Temple

Cory downclimbing the crux

Parker Ridge 

Mt. Athabasca

Note the little bus....

Columbia icefield

Western Anemone

Skyline trail in Jasper.  44km in 11 hours

The ornery griz that came at us....

Jasper tram

Mt. Robson

Hanging out for the meteor shower!

Cavell pond

Angel glacier on Mt. Edith Cavell

Pot of hot tea for cyclists to enjoy.  Always wanted to do this; pass cyclists in the a few km down the road.....and set up the stove!

Bow glacier; source of the Bow river

Running along Bow lake

Baby Bow river

Another griz that came to close.  Had the bear spray and air horn ready.

Bighorn sheep at Logan pass....looking for some breakfast in my van

Garden wall trail....starts at Logan's pass

Going to the Sun Road as it approaches Logan's pass

Mt. Reynolds from Logan's pass.....took 3.5 hours to top

Mt. Clements....3 hours from Logan pass

Shadow of Mt. Reynolds as we climb up it.

John and Martha....a couple of yankee flatlanders doing very well in near vertical terrain!

Dragon's Tail....took 1:20 from the pass below.  The route follows a goat trail 3/4 of the way up of the LHS to the first couloir and then up to the summit ridge.

Goat trail on Clements

Grandma Lori pilfering Carla's chinese food

Camping out at grandma Lori's

Bookworms waiting for their meal at a Nepalese joint.

Ramon going for it at Kalamalka lake

Tough summer this was.........

Ellison lake provincaial park near Vernon

Carla making sparks....but with a campfire fire

Overlooking the Okanagan lake


Their own wee island....with ferry service by Ramon

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