Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ski bums

Carla Goose and her first day on skis.  She rode the magic carpet about 10 times and then wanted to go up the chairlift.....and never looked back....parallel turns by the end of the day!  This is Canada Olympic Park.  $20 for a lift ticket is a great bargain and no need to drive out to the mountains.

Proud brother.  He now has someone to ski with.  He'd skied twice already and I was thinking of waiting until next year for Carla.  Ramon has now been 5 times and Carla 3.

Great form....knees over toes, arms forward

Big half pipe on the right and ski jumps ahead.....we stayed away from that side of the hill!

Ramon heading down the steepest bit

More great form!  That's my girl!

Nap time

On her second day a week later, they were going up the high speed quad on their own.

Calgary Hitmen vs Red Deer Rebels at the empty Saddledome.

Ramon riding trails on Nose Hill Park.

Chef Carla.  She loves Brussel sprouts

What's this?

Seeing more of these Little Free Libraries popping up around Calgary.  Great idea!

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Carla's music concert at Thorncliff school.  Front row, second from RHS

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Al Vanders said...

Pretty nice. Success, accomplishment and big smiles is what it's all about.
What a lovely family!

Yer pal, Al