Saturday, March 7, 2015

Life with kids....

yum.  We love Pho

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Carla skating at Olympic Plaza

Flowers for Grandma Lori

Puzzle time with Grandma Lori

Ramon 4th by a hair

1st what else?  In Vernon BC

Watching their pizza cook

Veggie pepperoni

Canada Olympic Park.  Ramon's 2nd day skiing...a the end of the day he was going up the high speed quad on his own.

Should be skiing the mountains in the background.

COP ....a pimple of a hill....good enuf for Ramon at this stage.

Down the half pipe

Skating at Bowness Lagoon.

Girls playing in the mud.  Debbie and Maria.  Fish Creek XC

Ramon kicking at the finish.

February in Cowtown

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