Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Great grandma Thelma passes away just shy of 96 years of age

Carla Thelma age 5 and Thelma Mary age 95, 3 days before she passed away :(

Carla and grandma Lori

There go the big spenders.....on their way to the dollar store :)

Travel lodge in Golden....Maria in the hot tub, while the kids tear up the water slide.

Sewer repairs....

Black eyed pea salad

Uncle Don comes for a visit :)  It's the vegan fare that enticed him :)

Little hammers club at Rona

MEC climbing wall

No fear....

Toe wiggling contest

On the way to Salmon Arm

Don's biggest decision these days upon waking up.....hmmm what shall I drive today....the vette or the beemer?

In the VW pop top

Climbing down from the pop top in the morning.

Tia Deb and her baby boy...

Tio Don and his baby girl

Carla in a yoga class

Cousin Rick's foto magic face swap

Family shot at Great grandma's funeral

Cousin Rick winding up his cousins

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