Friday, March 7, 2014

More winter fun.......

Go Goose go!

Go Boo Boo Go!

Go Mamita go!

Go Papa Go!

Ramon running laps at the Devonian gardens

Just enrolled Ramon in soccer lessons.....

Leisure centres are great fun when it's -20 outside!

Another leisure centre.....both with wave pools

Carla ready for a ride at Nakiska

Tube slide on the right....

During one of winter's warm spells

Gotta love those chinooks!

Another indoor, cold Wx option...

Woops again....the Wedge in the background.....been a few years since I scramble up that one.

Mt. Kidd....and a few years since hauled my arse up that one too.

I'd love to get up Sir Donald!

Kids play....the crumpled paper represents snow balls, which the audience got to throw!

Dinner at Sylvie's comfy home....

Mad science!

Couple of little furry creatures....

The new bed....sure frees up a lot of space!  single on top, double on the bottom and a desk tucked into the end.

Tea party time with grandma Lori's gift

A whole grain, buckwheat pancake

Great Grandma Thelma skyping Karen in Halifax.....The things grandma has seen/experienced in her lifetime!

Mom's 73rd birthday.

Roger's Pass

Maria and Hector on Skype

Not sure why these are sideways!

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