Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rucu Pichincha-all 3 peaks and Corazon

DCF Charity Expedition Update

03-12-2012 - 

This weekend was the kick-off of the Antisana Charity Expedition, with the summits of Pichinchas and Corazón.

Besides the 10-day Antisana Charity Expedition, with two international participants, Andeanface - in collaboration with British School Quito (BSQ) - has also organized three sub-programs: these are mountaineering challenges for one day, especially set up for the parents and teachers of BSQ who live in Ecuador and are limited in time. Up till now already 25 BSQ participants are enrolled and have each committed to raise at least USD 200.00 for DCF. The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is closely involved in collecting funds and every participant is supported by one of the classes of BSQ.
On Friday 16 November, the BSQ participants were introduced during the annual Bonfire Night and the raffle of a t-shirt with signatures of the national soccer team already resulted in USD 3,540.00.
One of the teachers, Steve Tober, is sponsored by the Ecuadorian sportswear store Equipos Cotopaxi for USD 200.00. The other participants will receive 10% discount on all products in the store during the upcoming week.
Explorer, a store specialized in trekking and climbing gear, has donated USD 500.00 in vouchers for the participants to shop in their stores. In this way, they can prepare for their sport challenges in an optimal way!
We are Andeanface, BSQ, Equipos Cotopaxi and Explorer extremely thankful for their involvement and wish all participants good luck!!!
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Year 5 teacher Alex Turner take the hard route up.
Calgarians Andrea and Ken on the summit of Rucu
Steve and Gustavo, Maria's cousin from Quito.  Tavo is 49 and last climbed Pichincha when he was 19!  Well done old timer!
Year 6 teacher Kevin Irvine heading down and off to the 2nd peak of the day.
Tavo on Padre Encantado
Kevin and Damian, on the summit of Padre Encantado....peak number 2
On the 3rd and final summit of the day Guagua Pichincha....with yours truly back-centre
The team for Corazon the following day.  Javier, Steve, Robert, Gaspar, Helma, Andrea and Ken.  Illiniza sur and norte in the background.
Heading up....looks like twin peaks.
....and up
.....and up
.....and up
.....and up
.....and up
Helma, Compadre and Robert
The crux
The crux 2
Andrea on the crux

Javier....king of the mountains.  My best mate in Ecuador.  Hope you can make it to the Canadian Rockies one day in the near future!

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