Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don and Deb in Ecuador

Having a cuddle in the Pappallacta hotsprings at 3300m.  Don and Deb are in Ecuador for a couple of months....the way they travel, they will have seen most of the country in that time frame!

A rare view of Antisana from the hot springs.
Feeding the llamas
Stick insect
Hiking in Papallacta
Dinner at Runa Huasi down the Rio Napo from Tena and Misahualli.  Basic jungle lodge accommodation.
Carlita soakin' it up!
....and Deb enjoying the morning.
Too hot for Don.
Monkey on the Napo
Jungle girl painted with Achote (sp)
looking up
Don's new hobby....basket weaving.

Sharing a book with Tia Deb
Stumped by the transformer instructions.
Suckin' it in, with a bit of help from Maria
Now ain't that a sweet couple :)
From the Amazon up to the snow!  ....easily driven in a 1/2 day!
More romance in Tena.....these two just can't keep their hands off each other after 37 years?
Hanging with the locals at the Chimborazo hot springs
Vicunas were wiped out in Ecuador.  In 1988 the obtained about 300 from Chile, Bolivia and Peru.  There are now over 4,000!
Tia Deb could take up high altitude climbing.  No probs hiking up to the refuge at 5000m on Chimborazo.  Well done Tia!  We are proud of you!  Don and Ramon stayed in the parking lot, as they weren't feeling too well from the altitude.
Guamote market day
She's one special mountain!  Distance from the centre of the earth.
Market day in Guamote 2
Market day in Guamote 3
Guamote....local chicas
Carla having a swing....Tia Deb soaking up the morning rays
Little Canari man :)
Painting of Canari people at Ingapira.....
Don and Deb on the Temple of the Sun.  Incan ruins at Ingapirca
Cuenca....spent 4 days here.
This was alot of fun!
Especially when you have a front row seat!
Don needs a coffee....
Outside a restraunt in Cuenca
Hanging in the hostal sun room.
Head that size....she should have charged him double.
Trying on Panama hats in Ecuador....where the hat originated.
What great climbing apparatus!
Our sweetie....goose!
Papa's girl
Fried pig with sunnies
Cuy ready for roasting
....and roasted
Trying to escape
Opening Christmas pressies in Cuenca
Cuena....December 24th....parade of the Nino Viajero.....the travelling baby Jesus.
Full roast pig on the back of the horse, adorned with Ecuadorian flags
Mexico??  Thought we were in Ecuador
otros ninos
What a view!  driving down from the highest paved road in Ecuador at 4200m above Cuenca, down to sea level.  About a 50 -60km drop
Our rental vehicle....a 10 year old Toyota Prado.  $50 usd per day.  Drove about 2000km on this trip. About 125usd for gas.
High above the coastal cloud
Priceless views, world's best kids :)
Maria going for a 12km run in the fog....all uphill
....and finishing the run off with a shower in a roadside waterfall
Chimborazo of course! 

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