Sunday, August 26, 2012

The beach-Tasaste revisited

Well, we enjoyed the beach so much last xmas, that we returned to the same place for more of the same. Unfortunately, in spite of the lack of mozzies and mosquito nets at night, we were getting bitten. But by what? After 5 days I had about 100 itchy bites. So we decided to return early and actually hang out at home...turns out Ramon and Carla had fever and colds during that time, so it turned out for the best.

UPDATE:  Turns out the bites we got where caused by Coloradillas in Spanish....Chiggers in English.  Likely picked up on a hike in the dry tropical forest of Bosque Lalo Loor.

The Arch of Love. Learning on dry land before attempting the real thing might be a wise course of action Carla. Thanx for the pretty dress Elisa! We may have picked up some tics on this hike in the dry tropical forest....or more likely, fleas in the mattresses....or both ...or fleas from the doggie? near 6 inches long! When I sat down on the bus, the guy behind me told me I had a garrapata on my neck. A tick....and then proceded to removed it for me. Says it's common in the cattle in the area. However, the dermatologist in Quito, said it couldn't be as they burrow in the skin...and that wasn{t the case for the 100 plus bites I had. Maria and Carla had a few, but not Ramon. s

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