Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moe and Bruce

Just at the end of my school year....two teacher friends from Calgary came down for a brief, whirlwind visit. Maureen was my practicum teacher for the 1st year of my two year BEd, at Mother Mary Greene in Edgemont. Coming off of driving tractor-trailer for 3 years...I was somewhat uncertain and hesitant about moving into teaching, but Maureen made me feel that I belonged in the class and that it was the right move. Thanx Moe! Bruce has been teaching elementary as well, and this will be his last year. What pair! We hope they are back for another visit! of romance :) The basilica Pappalacta hot springs Bravely sampling the local lunch fare at the market in Otavalo Plaza in Tumbaco Central plaza in Quito Hiking the chaquinan Braving the local buses. He's just a happy kind of guy..... Intense competition ....and quite loveable too! Cotachachi cayambe...highest point in the world thru with the equator passes. The only place on earth...0 latitude and 0 degrees temp Off for a jungle hike in Baeza. Carla braving the cold pool. Not bad for an old gal Moe :) Next trip down we wanna see you do the splits!

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