Friday, February 17, 2012

Old age endurance-Home to San Lorenzo on the mighty Iguana

Another weekend...another crazy ride. Rode to San Lorenzo on the coast, next to the Colombian border. 303km....17 hours saddle time; 19 hours total time(which doesn't leave much time for the potty and refueling). Meant to leave at midnight, but couldn't sleep, so I left at 9pm Friday and rode thru the night, under a near full moon, with no sleep. CBC Q podcast interviews on the MP3 kept me sane (although I'm sure 1 or 2 people might argue with my definition of sanity...or my own lack thereof). On and off drizzle was nice and for the last two hours a tropical downpour. Rolled in to SL at 4pm Saturday. BTW...the mighty Iguana is about to be retired in mid-March, after 15 years of exploring the planet. I broke the frame last year and I'm not sure how much longer the bike will hold out. Going for a German brand, Bulls...for $800 new...with disc/cable brakes.

Impossibly green.

Meeting of the waters.

A total downpour for two hours, helped to keep the body temperature under control. May be the last big ride for the mighty Iguana.

San Lorenzo bay....mangroves in the distance.

San Lorenzo bay....mangroves in the distance.

Whatever works for ya!
Another Tober death shot. The difference here is that unlike my usual suspects that are bloating in the hot sun, this poor doggie is rotting/melting in constant rain/dampness.

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