Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Xmas at the beach with the Zambrano-Benavides

10 awesome days at the beach over Christmas. Parents of a child in my class, generously gave us use of their beach house. So for $6.50 each, we simply jumped on the bus for a 5 hour ride down to the Pacific.

We were joined by Carlos (Maria's brother), his wife Cristina and their daughter Mafe.
Spiny, puffer fish.
Guitar fish.
Many different varieties of crabs.
The beach house on the right. This photo taken from the top of the Arco de Amor...Arch of love....
Ramon's 1st time with a boogie lessons required! Mafe's first time at the ocean.
Charlis y Cris
John and Paul, secondary teachers at the British School, brought 14 shoe box presents that we handed out to some poor families on the beach. Parents put about 300 of these together for various needy communities in Ecuador.
Who's the monkey?? Saw 3 in the trees, just behind this place.
This goat followed me home from a run, along with 2 dogs. I dragged him back along the beach and we butted heads a fews times.
Carlos and Cris' new store??
No electricity in the need for it really....much cozier playing cards, checkers and chatting with candle light.
Carla the beach bum. of the 15 house town 1km down the road or beach. This location has it all....private, peaceful, empty beaches, run for 2 hours in each direction, lots of fresh seafood from the fisherman next door and your own rock arch right out front!

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