Saturday, December 17, 2011

A short trip to Pasto-Caro's graduation-Mafe's 1st communion

I took this photo of Carolina in 1995 in Mocoa, Colombia.
....and 16 years later....she is graduating from high school!....and I havne't aged one bit.
Ramon, Caro's friend, Caro, Papi Ramon.
There's just nothing like a hug from your daughter.
Huh? It works! a snail's pace.
Mafe's 1st communion....what a princess!
Carla with grandma Maruja
Ramon and grandma
A spider that was on our outside window of the house. We all enjoyed the grizzly spectacle of dinner time. Beetles and other insects being entombed in be consumed later.
Kids with Silvio Guerra before a race. He was 2nd in both Boston and NY marathons about 10 years ago.
Bonfire night at the school. Neo punk/vegas poolside gear...with Carla dressed the same.
International day at school. (Thanx for the hat mom)
The mouth watering, daily vegan fare, created by Chef Lauralee at the school.

Photos below are taken at La Luna
A great little weekend getaway, above Otavalo, 2 hours north of Quito.

Carla...swinging in the Andes.
Ramon with an intense look of concentration. Does it really take that much effort to beat Pugz at checkers??

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johdan said...

Happy New Year and a Belated Merry Christmas!!

I'm so jealous of our trip to the beach.

Steve, you'd never get nearly three week Christmas vacations teaching in Alberta
(Wow - Dec 17 - Jan 9).

I'd be in Ecuador right now but for a minor health bump in the road - maybe latter in 012.

How's the classroom, "response" technique working out?