Friday, December 31, 2010

Xmas in the Amazon

Just a little 3 day juant down to the amazon...a 3 hour, 20 minute drive from home to Misuahalli on the Rio Napo; a major tributary of the Amazon.

Found this on our car upon returning from a hike (well...for a nominal fee)

Honda CRX...great cruising mobile...courtesy of the school.

Capuchin monkeys action

Tug of war with Ramon

Great way to get around, as they come back from the river to spend the night in the trees in town.

Caught the top one in mid flight. Flor de beso. The kiss flower or something like that.

This flower is amazing! Only saw one plant like this...great hike.

tricky bit

Shouldn´t the roots be IN the ground?

Riverside beach

Driving across these bridges, equates to the the thrills of a midway ride! You never know if it will hold up.

10usd per free.

Ramon loved these vehicles, as did I. They are pedal powered! opposed to those noisy electric things. Homemade jobbies.

There goes lightening McQueen!

Hot springs up at 3300m! One hour from the house...before dropping down to the jungle. 17usd pp inc the hot springs and breaky. Hostal Antisana. Spent Xmas eve here.

Very wet and cold hike the next day

Closest thing to an Xmas tree down here!

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