Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Camping and "tri"cycling

The inspiration for this "tricycle" came from this book. Have a look at the cover photo...not sure I'd want to pull them across North Amercia though! Best wait until they get bigger and can both do some of the pedaling!

Maria pulled Carla 20k and then I decided I would have a go at pulling both of them. Much easier than I thought! Although I wasn't carrying any touring gear such as a tent, stove etc...

Up the old rail bed, turned bike/run trail.

A bit out of focus, but I love the contrasting hair colours :)

And so as promised....dad finally took Ramon camping. Took a taxi about 3 km down the road from our place and walked up part of the volcano for an hour to a flat, grassy, lower peak. No crying for mom and a good solid 8 hours snooze.

Dad's pack and Ramon's pack. Another 15 years and we'll swap :)

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Mike said...

Fun! I always admire your zest for life and the way you get out there. Fantastic effort, and really an inspiration. Keep it up.