Friday, April 9, 2010

Uncle Skippy and Aunty Annette's Ecuadorian Adventure

Except for everyone having colds at somepoint, we all had a great time. It had been about 6 years since we had seen them!
-The Ecuadorian Chinese food...they didn't even get to eat guinea pig!
-Annette getting a buzz off the coca leaf tea
-Trout lunch in the cloud forest with hummingbirds galore
-Bellavista cloudforest lodege...more hummingbirds
-Having drinks high above the town of Banos
-Tour of a sugar cane processing site....squeeze the cane, boil and reduce, dry into bricks. We bought 10 at 50 cents each
-Being upgraded from a Nissan sentra to a Daihitsu 4wd for N/C...gutless but nimble and took us on alot of roads we couldn't have explored with the sentra. 500usd for 10 days...gas is 1.47 a US gallon.
-Boat trip down the Rio Amazon tributary
-Papallacta hot springs....
-Easter parade in Quito's historic centre
-Views of the closest point on earth to the sun...Chimborazo 6300m....from 4000m on the teleferico
-Skippy having a beer with Ramon....well no one else seems to drink in this family....and why do people keep leaving beer in my fridge? For the next vistors I guess...that could be you!
-Seeing many snow capped volcanos including Tungarahua above Banos
-Aunty Annette going native....twice
-Trying hard not to tickle the president's guards
-Toys for the kids and olympic hats and shirts from Uncle Mike...thanx!
-Yes we drove that windy gravel road in the photo
-scorpion on the patio....(I caught it on the road...only the 2nd one I've seen here)
-Ramon carrying on the tradition of calling uncle Skippy by his real name of uncle skippy
-But the best was just hanging out with family :)

Just found out that the day we left the jungle....the town we stayed in got flooded and some people died. The restraunt we ate in flooded out. The road was closed as well. Got out just in time!

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