Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mindo...1300m in the cloud forest

Went for a bike ride today...that's the 1st photo...around to the other side of the volcano Ilalo...then up 800 vertical meters in 9km to the top. That's Cotopaxi in the background. That ride sure blew out the cobwebs!

Left school early on Friday to check out
for an overnight outing with my class in May. Director lent us the school's new Honda CRV....sweet......2.5 hour drive towards the coast.....spent the night. Mindo lago is one wet place...but not sticky hot. The vegetation drips even when it's not raining. Ramon loved the raft and Carla loved the frog frog concert at 6:30pm. Even had a candlelight dinner...the 1st in who knows how long! Last pic is Ramon doing mechanical work already.

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