Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy family photos :)

Just a collection of family photos over the last month or so.

Waddling lessons

Asleep in the bike trailer with piggy.....

and....asleep in the baby backpack

Daddy's little angel

Just takin' care of business.......talking to grandma Lori

Trying a friends scooter.....which meant we had to buy one for him!

I can sit up on my own,,,now that I'm a big girl!

My eyes changed colour and now I have coffee coloured eyes, just like my big brother.

They love each other sooooo much that they never fight :)

pooing on the potty like Elmo....while kitty helps out

Carla getting revenge....

She sure loves to chew on that tie!

These last two pics were just sent to my by a fellow hiker.....they were taken about 9 months ago.

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