Friday, May 1, 2009

25 laps around the track

And they're off! 25 mind numbing, pain filled laps for 10,000 metres. Who ever said running is fun? Especially at 7:15 in the morning!

Note the huge crowd on hand to cheer them on.

43:17 and still 4 kilos overweight....not for long though :)

Siobhan on the comeback trail, after 9 years of being a dedicated mom. 1st 10k on the track. 44:20

And the winner is.......Carlita!!!!!!!!
With Mom 1st and Siobhan 2nd

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Melanie said...

Way to go Maria! You are a champ! I just ran the Benghazi Mother's Day 10 km with Mike, we did it in 56 minutes. Eesh. I was feeling like crap and was so SLOW. We will try again in 2 weeks. Didn't we do it in 48 with Liz 2 years ago!

Happy Mother's Day super Mom!

Melanie, Mike, Lucy and Oscar xox