Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A weekend in the park and hiking

A fun weekend with friends: in the park on Saturday and hiking above Bogota on Sunday.

Dilek from Turkey, with Mateo her son, Jean Claude Brit/French with Carla and Maria and Ramon.

The things dads do to their kids....

The things some people's kids to do adults......(persistent isn't he Dilek?)

JC (with kayaker's nose) and Mateo.....ready to try out the new backpack.

Dads can go anywhere with these baby backpacks.

Mateo entertaining Carla

Dads keeping their babies cool.

Jeff from England.....sorry.....Geoff from Wales, with his Peruvian sweetie, Gissely.

Geoff celebrating his 32nd birthday....we forgot the birthday cake and the matches, but did remember the candle.

The monkey looking for more grubs in the trees.

Getting closer to his god?

Not enuf birthday cake and too many cockroaches? Is he like this in class 4B?

Mateo getting a dip in the creek from kayak daddy.

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