Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tia Karen's last weekend in Colombia

Well....It sure has been a great month with Tia Karen here. Sadly, she leaves on the red-eye, Air Canada flight to Toronto at midnight. I don't think Ramon really understands that she is leaving....boy is he gonna sad :(

This long weekend we went down to the hot weather climate at a 1000m, to a little town named Tobia, 2 hours from Bogota and stayed at a "posh" $50 a night hotel. With 3 cameras between us, we sure took alot of photos! Hope you enjoy them.
Here is where we stayed: http://www.lagaitana.com/

Bye Tia Karen....we'll miss you!

We have no idea what this is.

Tia Karen getting her real coffee fix. I didn't know she was such an addict!

This cable car crossing goes over the Rio Negro in front of the hotel, to an island covered in bamboo.

We weren't brave enuf :)

Tropical cherry?

Boy....service sure is slow here, but then I've got nothing better to do than play in the pool and pull the cat's tail.

Ramon thinks they should put a diving board up here.

Super Tia!

Just can't get enuf of that boob juice :)

We do kinda look alike don't we?

A month later and we're still friends!

How come tia Karen gets all the kisses now?

Don't yank too hard kid.

Room service

Ramon in choo choo heaven.

Had the place to ourselves

Little miss red cheeks....from the heat.

Three in the bed and the little one said....roll over....

Apparently this is Karen's vegetarian diet when I'm not around!

The Hola Lola store

Me and my little buddy Santi.

I like to visit the drive by papaya outlet once a week to stock up.

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