Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nov/Dec 2016 pics

Seniors (over 50 club) hit 4 g's on the bobsled!
Maria doing what she loves best....frosty face and all.
Maria signing autographs for my students (Sorry kids...had to crop out your faces for privacy protection)

Won another race that she had won long ago....

Tabernac doing the gringe!

Prairie 'mountain'


Carla turns 8

Ramon on his new bike that got stolen from the side of our house because dad used a weak cable lock instead of a U lock.

One has started to grow back.....

Ramon at MEC

Carla and Tia Karen

diggin' spuds in Deb's Garden

Scooter park in Salmon Arm

Tia Karen and Carla ....same hair....same hand of cards?

Maria's 'new' Toyota Corolla 1995 with 125,000 for $4,000 because as Don looks like a golf ball....hail damage.  The Tercel didn't have air bags or rear headrests.

Skating at Olympic Plaza

Ramon working on one of his remote control cars.

First in line for opening day at Nakiska

Ramon trying out some speed skates.

Carla doesn't look too impressed......

Perogies with beans, hot sauce and hummus....yum
Trick or treat, smell my feet....
Bro and Sis in Banff, revisiting part of their misspent youth.
Goose playing with an Ipad
Making empenadas
We have a bit more snow this year.
Ramon hit the double digits this Dec 30th!
El ano viejo doll

Don't look here for trophies!
Mr. Hockey

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